In 2019, COOSS (already OHSAS 18001 certified since 2009) adopted the international standard ISO 45001 to ensure health and safety in the workplace.


With regard to personnel safety, COOSS Cooperativa Sociale uses a Company Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 45001, the new globally recognised reference standard for occupational health and safety management systems. ISO 45001 certification attests the voluntary application of a system that ensures adequate control over the Health and Safety of workers, customers and other interested parties, in addition to compliance with mandatory standards.

Achieving certification demonstrates COOSS Cooperativa Sociale’s commitment to creating a safe and secure working environment, where staff well-being is a priority. Certification also allows COOSS Cooperativa Sociale to demonstrate compliance with the strictest standards for managing the health and safety of workers, customers and other stakeholders, to improve its image and competitiveness, and to improve employee, customer and stakeholder satisfaction.


What are the benefits and standards set by ISO 45001?

A planned and documented approach to health and safety ensures:

  • The monitoring of critical issues relating to the safety and health of workers, customers and other stakeholders with risk assessment
  • The monitoring of performance and the adoption of a safety management policy
  • The reduction of occupational accidents and illnesses
  • The reduction of INAIL policy costs
  • The reduction of stress
  • Productivity growth
  • The reduction of legal indemnities and an improvement in risk assurance

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