Residential Care “MONTEFELTRO” – based in Urbino (PU) in Via G. Di Vittorio 14 – owned by COOSS […]


Residential Care “MONTEFELTRO” – based in Urbino (PU) in Via G. Di Vittorio 14 – owned by COOSS Coperativa Sociale is in compliance with:

UNI10881:2013 – SERVIZI E ASSISTENZA RESIDENZIALE AGLI ANZIANI (Social and Residential Services for Elderly People)

The certification according to the UNI 10881 can be applied to the companies that provide social welfare services or social health services in residences for the elderly. This standard usually qualifies the prime factors of residential care service for the elderly.

Beside the System of Business certification, the cooperative has obtained 3 different “product/service” certifications (in the fields of older age, disabilities and infancy), all certifying the strict application of ISO 9001 quality management systems.

These certifications have specific goal, which can be summarizes as follows:

  • To diversify and highlighting the quality of the service
  • To reassure clients concerning strict compliance to Norm requirements
  • To guarantee the fulfillment of all undertaken commitments, thanks to check from a separate certifying and monitoring body
  • To be able to constantly ensure quality and transparency
  • To reach the highest level of coherence between set targets and actual results
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