Cooss helps to find the right path for one’s own future. Our services for those people who have […]


Cooss helps to find the right path for one’s own future. Our services for those people who have problems of addiction are offered in collaboration with public bodies and Asur Marche. For a 360-degrees service, here is our offer:

  • Prevention services. Our information centres and the advisory activity in schools are intended to raise awareness of the problem and to avoid that more people fall in situations of addiction;
  • Information and research. We are constantly updated, in order to offer a support service for evaluation, planning and development of project in this field;
  • Damage reduction. We operate with mobile units, in an attempt to control this problem and reduce its effects with timely and efficient solutions;
  • Diagnosis and treatment. Understanding the situation of the users, guiding them and treat them with competence and attention are the most important tasks performed in the outpatient care, as well as in day care centres and therapeutic residential communities. Different solutions to allow individuals and their relatives to find an answer to several needs: from outpatient care to treatment at the facilities we manage, for different periods.

We cover the whole territory also with our presence in several meetings of the addictions departments in our regions; also, we actively participate in two department committees (the meeting executing body) in Ancona and Jesi. We are convinced that we should work in a network in the area: for this, we are also member of the CREA, the regional committee of accredited bodies which reunites all the main private and social subjects which treat pathological addictions.

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