News  16 March 2016

Cooss Marche is Partner of the project Adriatic Model of Sustainable Mobility in the Health & Care Sector, reference number 1°str./0009/0 and the project Adriatic Welfare Mix – Developing & Integrating the Welfare Systems toward a Welfare Mix System Locally managed in the Adriatic Area, 2°ord/0225/4. Both projects have foreseen Technical and Dissemination Meetings and events and development and sharing of Promotion Material.

Cooss Marche is launching the present Expression of Interest to shortlist at least three Service Providers to be invited to a Competitive Negotiated Procedure.

  1. Contract description – Global organization (all inclusive) of project Events . The details will be provide in the terms of reference – Providing Project Promotion Material, as brochures, posters, gadgets etc.
  2. Indicative economic value: € 55.000
  3. Application submission


Your application must be delivered, by mail to by 12.00 AM Italy Time, March, 21st, 2016


Scarica la Call e l’application Form

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